Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

Tinnitus The ear condition known as tinnitus is a sound that does not correspond to an external stimuli. Pitch, volume, and severity can all change. Tinnitus can occasionally pulse and sound like a heartbeat. White noise is more likely in certain people. There are numerous underlying reasons for tinnitus, but hearing loss is the most frequent one. When you have tinnitus, a hearing test is usually advised, even if you have not experienced a decline in your hearing.

Ear infections, high blood pressure, middle ear muscle spasms, vascular tumors in the ear, exposure to certain medications or toxins, vascular illness, autoimmune diseases, acoustic neuromas, vitamin deficiencies, and metabolic abnormalities are some more causes of tinnitus. There are tinnitus remedies accessible even when the cause of the condition cannot be identified.

Orange Coast ENT Head & Neck Surgery can perform a complete assessment for the underlying cause of tinnitus, along with specialized therapy recommendations. A hearing aid, sound masking, or biofeedback/stress reduction may all be suggested as treatments.